Membership of the Club is open to the whole community. Members will be enrolled in one of the following categories:

Full Bowling Membership £69.00 annually: Subject to payment of the annual subscription of £69.00  a  person will qualify for  one voting "A-share" and have access to bowling at all times the Club is open for bowling; subject to payment of the normal "Rink Fee" currently £3.50 per game and rink availability together with all other facilities of the club, except when booked for special functions.

Life Membership:  Shall enjoy the same facilities as a "Full Bowling"  member, at no annual membership cost, and shall be awarded for exceptional service to the Company and/or Club.

Junior Membership no charge unless entering into club friendlies or competitions whereby annual fee is £7.00.   To qualify for a reduced membership fee and rinks fees as set by the Club, a person must be under the age of 16 years at 1 September. Junior members under the age of 13 years at 1 September, must have adult supervision at all times whilst on club premises. 

Wheelstar & Tibbs Dementia  & Headway Membership £7.00 annually: A greatly reduced annual membership for people with disabilities or recovering from illness with restricted access to bowling, at non-peak times, as set by the Club.

Social Membership £23.00 annually: Will entitle a person to use the facilities of the club but with no access to bowling facilities at all times the Club is open and not booked for special events.

Temporary Membership: May be awarded to persons visiting the area, subject to limits on membership, for a monthly fee as set by the Club.

Guests: Members are able to bring guests to enjoy our  facilities at the club. Maximum of 2 guests at any one time and the same person is limited to a maximum of 4 visits per year.

Classes of membership may be amended, removed or added as recommended by the directors and approved by a majority vote of members at the AGM